AnkhBot also known as AnkhBot R2, is a Twitch Chat bot application downloadable to Windows, this is one of the most fully loaded bots available which is FREE to use. 

Some of the key features of AnkhBot include:

  • Chat from Within the Bot
  • Free to use Bot
  • Update Game/ Title 
  • Automated Host System
  • Custom Commands
  • Quote System
  • Currency System
  • Give Away System
  • Mini Games 
  • SFX System
  • Event System
  • Song Request System
  • Spam Protection (Caps, links, symbols)
  • Blacklist for words, users phrases etc
  • And Much More!!!

AnkhBot Setup Guide: 

  • AnkhBot Setup – Authentication Settings

Custom commands for AnkhBot (Coming Soon).

Download from here: AnkhBot Download Link.

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