Bebo is a new Live Streaming Application but is making a big impact on streamers, one of the key features being everything in one place. Bebo is very easy to use and setup, we will talk more about setting up Bebo on the following pages. 

Some of the Key Features of Bebo include:

  • Everything in one Window
  • Low CPU Usage (up to half of OBS Studio). 
  • Sources including Desktop Capture, Game Capture, Webcam, Microphone and Overlays
  • Browser Source input
  • Text Box
  • Activities on stream such as CoinSpin, MakeItRain emotes, LootBoxs. 
  • Alerts built in to Bebo. 
  • Payments from PayPal

Please remember that Bebo is in Alpha so might be the odd bug, they are working fast on fixing and adding new features as well. Setup Guide: 

  • Guide Coming soon! 

Download here: Download


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