StreamLabs Adds Account Merging

Streamlabs has at last added a much requested feature, Account Merging. This basically means that you can switch between your accounts in a few clicks.  Now that Streamlabs supports four different stream platforms Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Facebook Live. They

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StreamLabs Alerts Echoing

Are you having problems with alerts echoing when using streamlabs? Here is a quick guide that might help you fix this problem.  So why do you have a echo, this is normally caused by the alert repeating itself in the

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BOOM.TV on XSplit

We have had a few questions on how to get BOOM.TV to work on Xsplit, well thank you to Sllayt3r, UK CM/Partnerships @XSplit & @playerdotme.  He has found a small work around while we wait for Full Integration to be added. 

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StreamLabs Adds Facebook Integration

StreamLabs has announced that it has added Facebook Live integration to their ever growing list of integrations. This now means that StreamLabs integrates with four platforms: Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and now Facebook. They have also stated that more integration will

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