BOOM.TV on XSplit

We have had a few questions on how to get BOOM.TV to work on Xsplit, well thank you to Sllayt3r, UK CM/Partnerships @XSplit & @playerdotme.  He has found a small work around while we wait for Full Integration to be added. 

We highly recommend you read our article on BOOM.TV and XSplit before you attempt this work around. 

First you will need to open up BOOM on your PC then under Streaming settings click “Revisit OBS Setup”, or if you are just installing you will want to follow our article till you get to adding the source to OBS in the following image.

Once you are on this page, you will want to have XSplit open, and click “Launch Test Window!”. 

  • Next you will need to click “Add” in XSplit. 
  • Add a Screen Capture. 
  • Next Drag the Red Square around the Dummy Window. 
  • Make sure to only do the window not the window header (Bit that says Boom Replay and close button). 
  • Once you let go it should show you what you selected. 
  • Resize this and position in XSplit where you would like the replay to be played. 
  • Next open up the settings for the source you have just made
  • Untick “Exclusive Window Capture” Under Capture Options. 
  • You can also Untick Show mouse and show mouse clicks if you wish (Recommended). 
  • Now close the Dummy Window. 
  • Now Go live and test that the Replay function is working. 

If you have any questions please feel free to join our discord and ask: FrogDudeTV Discord


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