BOOM.TV is a great tool to use while live streaming, it allows streamers to instantly replay a clip on stream. To integrate is very easy streamers need to download a small application which can run in the background which will capture the replay.

First you will need to go to the BOOM.TV website and download the program here: BOOM.TV Download. Please note you will also have to install K-Lite Codec, which will be asked during the installer. 

Once installed you will be greeted with this page, what you want to do is Click “Connect With Twitch!” 


After you have signed in you will be greeted by this page,  

  • 1 – We have already installed Boom Replay on the PC.
  • 2 – This will be the hotkey to press while in game to get the replay to show, i leave this as Ctrl+F3 but you can set to what you want. Also you can have voice commands turned on so when you say on stream “Boom, Replay” it will replay. I have this turned off as found it would reply under other key words.
  • 3 – This is how long you would like the replay to be, i have this as 20 Seconds. Also you can have replay audio on the stream as well.

  • 4 – This is simply where you would like your replays to be saved on your local machine. 
  • 5 – If you would like the bot to paste a link in your chat on Twitch to a online version of the replay on Boom.TV website, you should Mod “Boomtvmod” in your chat. 

Next we need to add the replay as a Source in OBS Studio:

  1. First Open up OBS Studio
  2. Make sure you are on the Scene you would like the replay on, Click on Sources. 
  3. Then you want to click the + Button and add a new source, it should say “Boom Replay” click OK on this. 
  4. On the installer click on the “Launch Test Window!”  This allows you to see what the replay will look like on stream, you should resize this and position where you would like it. Most people have a small window on top right of the stream. 
  5. Make sure that you have “Boom Replay” source at the top of your source list so that it is not hidden behind other sources.

That is pretty much all there is to installing “Boom Replay” to your stream. You should remember to have the program open when streaming you can minimise this and it will shrink down in to the task bar. If you need to edit any the settings you can open Boom Replay on your PC and top right click settings, also you can view replays that are have been added on the program also can Tweet, share on Facebook and Link direct from the application. 

Want to know how to set up the BOOM.TV “Boom Meter” – Guide Coming soon!!!

Looking for how to add BOOM.TV to XSplit – This feature is coming soon!!!

A Small work around has been found to add BOOM.TV to XSplit, while we wait for Full Integration view here: Boom.TV on XSplit

Do you need more help on how to set up BOOM on OBS Studio? Feel Free to Join our discord and ask “FrogDudeTV Discord“. 


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