First, you need to download your Deepbot points. This site will do this for you, go here and follow below instructions:


START DEEPBOT (Please note VIP needed)

In Deepbot, go to “MASTER SETTINGS” and scroll down to API. Copy it and paste it into the above humanoids website. If you do not see an API Key, regenerate it and it will give you one.

On Humanoids, click “GENERATE” and wait for text to appear. It will look like below:


Deepbot to Ankhbot Migration Helper



(or you can use Excel or any other freeware that support “TEXT TO COLUMNS”)

On Humanoids, highlight and COPY all of the user data that was generated.

PASTE the user data into your new Google Sheet (will look like below)


Click column “A” (refer below)


Click DATA and SPLIT TEXT TO COLUMNS – expect a short delay after clicking.

Once clicked, you will see a tiny box that says SEPARATOR: COMMA. Change this from “comma” to “SPACE” (expect another delay. The more names, the longer the delay)

Your sheet should now look like this! With all users and points separated into 2 columns.

How time to save onto your PC.

Still on Google Drive, click FILE>DOWNLOAD AS>.CSV


Now you will name it whatever you want. ( e.g. DEEPBOT_POINTS.CSV) 


Save it to you PC, now it’s time to upload it onto Streamlabs.

Click this to upload as ANKHBOT (we just converted Deepbot to Ankhbot users and points)
(go to next page).

Now, simply select your DEEPBOT_POINTS.CSV file (or whatever you named it that is nearly as good), UPLOAD and you’re all set!

It may take a little while to convert, but I had 32,000+ names and it worked in less than 2 minutes.

Enjoy your new points system, fellow Deepbot users!


Thank you to RSQViper for writing this guide, feel free to drop him a follow at or find him on twitter @RSQViper 

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