How to find Iron in New World

New world is a new MMO, one of the big requirements for New World requires players to gather items to craft and upgrade their current loadout as they go around doing quests and exploring the map. 

Crafting is one of the main skills to learn in New World, when you reach a settlement in New World you will find a number of doing crafting stations which will be surrounded by players trying to build or upgrade gear. 

One of the first items you will need to find in New World is Iron, at the start of the game and learning areas iron is a top-priority resource in New World. This is because it is the base item for making weapons, Armor and other items in the game. 

So how do you get Iron and where is the best place to find it. 

How to find Iron

In New World the way you obtain Iron is by smelting Iron Ores found throughout the map.

Iron Ore is found by using a pickaxe on a Iron ore vein around the map, players should get a basic pickaxe when they play the game from the opening tutorial quests. But you will want to upgrade this at a early stage to get some with more perks on.

If you end up without a pickaxe you can craft a basic one at a campsite in New World by pressing Y on keyboard (default key).

You should use the Map (M) in New World to find Iron Ore Veins, These can be found in Highland areas.

Iron ore veins are found around the highland areas of the map, if you struggle to find these you can always look at the “Resource locations” tab on the New World Map. 

Highland areas are shown by a light brown colour on the map, normally iron ore veins and other veins can be found near impassable areas of the map. 

“IRON ORE VEINS” are found around the map in the highlands, they will be darkish in colour

How to Mine Iron Ore Veins

So now you have found a Iron Ore Vein in New World how do you harvest it? If you have the pickaxe in your loadout, you should go up to the vein and click the E button which will automatically pull out your pickaxe and start to mine the ore. This will show a progress circle in the centre with how long you have left to mine.

Mining time depends on mining skill level, axe level and any perks active. Once you have mined all the iron ore vein you will collect x amount of ore and you will put your pickaxe away and the vein will disappear.

Mining Iron Ore Veins in New World is simple task, press E when close

What to do with Iron Ore?

In New World when you get some Iron Ore you should visit one of the settlements and go up to the smelter and you will be able to smelt the iron ore in to iron bars. You can then go to other stations and use the iron bars for making other items in New World such as weapons and armor.

Use a Smelter in New World to turn Iron Ore into Iron Bars

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