How to Get Fiber in New World

Fiber is one of the most sort after items in new world at the start of game play. Fiber can be obtained by harvesting Hemp Plants around forest regions. 
These plants have purple on top that are located within forest and grassland area’s. Can normally be found near starting areas. 

New World Hemp Plants

When hemp is harvested with an equipped sickle, it will drop a number of fiber depending on level and player sats of equipment and perks.

Also to note is fiber is really heavy and takes up a large amount of carrying weight. So make sure to drop any you are not using in your storage at settlements.

How to turn Hemp Fibers into cloth?

So now you have some fiber what can you do with it? So most of the time you will want to return to a large settlement.
Here you should find a Loom, this can be any tier Loom. Here you can spin the fibers in to cloth, this is the best way to level up your weaving skill.

New World – LOOM TIER 3

Cloth is used for a number of skills such as making better items at the Loom such as Sateen which also needs Crossweave items. You can also use the cloth at a nearby OutFitting Station to make some clothes and leather gear.

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