Scorpbot is a very smart chat bot which is very popular with Mixer Streamers. One of the key draws of using Scorpbot is that it can handle both Twitch and Mixer at the same time in the same client. So if you are dual streaming to both sites at the same time you can use just one bot and same commands. You can also automatically reshare the chat between both chats.

Scorpbot is not only a great bot, but is also free to use, the creator of the bot also updates and fixes any bugs ASAP.

Some of the key features of Scorpbot include:

  • Chat Relay
  • Subscription/ Follow Alerts
  • Song Requests
  • Gamewisp Support
  • Streamjar Support
  • Auto-host for Mixer and Twitch
  • Custom Commands
  • Mini Games.

Please remember that ScorpBot is in Open beta as well so there might be the odd bug, but these get fixed ASAP if reported via the scorpbot forum or discord server.

Scorpbot Setup Guide: 

Scorpbot setup guide video (Coming soon).

Custom commands for ScorpBot (Coming Soon).

Download from here:

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