StreamLabs Alerts Echoing

Are you having problems with alerts echoing when using streamlabs? Here is a quick guide that might help you fix this problem. 

So why do you have a echo, this is normally caused by the alert repeating itself in the background. Normally happens when you have more than one “Scene” with the same alert in sources. 

OBS Studio:

  1. Open up OBS find your “Browser Source” for your alerts.
  2. Right click the source and click “Properties”. 
  3. TICK the Box at the bottom that says “Shutdown When Not Active”. 
  4. Make sure you do this for EVERY browser source in all your “Scenes”.]



  1. Open up XSplit find your source for StreamLabs Alerts.
  2. Right Click the Source to bring up properties.
  3. UNTICK the box at the bottom that says “Keep Source In Memory”. 
  4. DO this for all “URL Sources” on all ALL Scenes.


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